January 5: Kolhapur AVANI

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Kolhapur Hotel

Upon arrival at the Kolhapur Citrus Hotel, check in and enjoy a breakfast buffet. Today, you will visit various migrant workers’ camps; see brickyard sites and learn of the issues relating to child labor. After discontinuing child labor practices at the brickyard sites, AVANI has established teaching locations for the children where students convene in makeshift tent schools.  After lunch, visit the site for the AVANI Residential School Gandhi Center for Learning.  

AVANI is a small and extremely devoted team directed by Anuradha Bhosale, determined to wipe out child labor in the brickyard work sites near Kolhapur, India.

Nomadic families migrate to these brickyards for a period from October-May each year and live in very small dwellings without proper nourishment and clothing. All family members, including young children, work for the brick kilns mainly paying the interest on loans owed to the brick owners. AVANI staff exposes child exploitation and provide teaching in makeshift tents at the brickyard locations. 

Kolhapur - Anuradha Bhosale

Following these visits, we will stop at the AVANI Residential Home where 37 children reside. These children have been removed from work sites or vulnerable situations and now attend government schools. The Residential Home provides food, accommodations, health and psychological support for these children. Many of the children are first generation learners.

Anuradha Bhosale talks about the work of AVANI


Buffet dinner at the hotel followed by a lecture by Dr. Arun Gandhi.

Buffet Breakfast at the Citrus Hotel Kolhapur + Lunch + Buffet dinner at the Citrus Hotel Kolhapur. Citrus Hotel Kolhapur 

Kolhapur daily average temperature ranges between 14°C or 57.2 F to 35°C or 95 F. During summers maximum temperature never seen to exceed 38°C or 100.4 F and generally maximum lies in the band 33°C or 91.4 F to 35°C or 95 F. Minimum during this season are around 24°C or 75.2 F to 26°C or 78.8 F. Monsoons offer medium rainfall with an atmospheric temperature of 23°C or 73.4 F to 30°C or 86 F. Kolhapur winters are during the months November to February and has a very pleasant climate during winters. The temperature lies around 14°C or 57.2 F to 30°C or 86 F during this period.