Day 6: June 5: Valley of the Thousand Hills

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The Valley Trust Organization 


The Valley Trust

The Valley Trust is a Center for Health Promotion founded in 1953 in the Valley of Thousand Hills in KwaZulu Natal, but now working throughout the province.  Its vision is to build communities in which people take responsibility for improving their own health and quality of life within a democratic society.  They do this by design and engagement in integrated processes with people, aimed at bringing about developmental changes at the individual, organizational, and whole systems levels.  

They believe

All people have potential

All people have choices

All people have equal rights

Good health and sustainable development require positive interactions between people in their environments.   The Valley Trust Programs:

  1. Promotion of Child Health and Development Program
  2. Valley Youth Leadership Development Program
  3. Health Communication Program
  4. Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Project
  5. Health Referral System Strengthening Project
  6. Integrated and Sustainable Livelihoods Program
  7. Participatory Video Program
  8. Older Programs

  We will travel through Botha Hills home to many talented artists and crafters, who work in a variety of mediums, from wood, metal and clay to glass beads, fabrics and wax.  Many of these crafters and artist started along the 1000 Hills route.  Studios and galleries are open to visitors so we can see how products are created and purchase work that is unique to the area.  Community development is a major focus in the area.  The Valley Trust has been involved in uplifting rural communities for over 50 years, and is a model of excellence for development initiatives throughout Africa.   

Accommodations: Protea/Marriott Hotel Umhlanga Durban

Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner