Getting to Know Sharpeville Community History

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Shining a light on Sharpeville history through performing arts. 

 We enjoyed “A Day in Sharpeville” on our last Satyagraha Tour of South Africa and were kindly hosted by Nicho Ntema, Nina du Toit, Diniso “Gama” Gamakhulu alongside the Sharpeville Gang.  We are coordinating our upcoming 2018 visit with our Sharpeville friends and in the process, we prepared a few “getting to know you” questions for our hosts.  Due to the timing of the interview and that Sharpeville suffered a deadly massacre that shook the world March 21, 1960, we asked if they could lend any advice to the Las Vegas community given we just faced the deadliest shooting the United States has ever faced.  They mentioned, “that even after all these years, the tragic event remains the communities most common unifier.”   

Sharpeville Interview 

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