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Overview of Day 2 Albertina Luthuli Shares

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Satyagraha Day Two we meet Greg Garson of Garson Expeditions a certified South African Tour guide who is also quite the historian. He rightly insists we start with an overview of South African History. Greg is a beautiful and eloquent story teller mesmerizing us as he shares an overview of the long and complicated history with our delegation. He begins by taking us to King Shaka Zulu’s last military citadel and the site of his grave where he was assassinated by his two half-brothers Dingane and Mhlangana. King Shaka Zulu rose to be one of the greatest Zulu King’s, his earliest mentor was Dingiswayo. King Shaka’s first major battle against Zwide, the one responsible for killing his early mentor was the Battle of Gqoki, on the Mfolozi river on the Royal Hunting grounds now known as Hluluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve; the oldest Game Reserve in all of South Africa which is now one of our visits on the Satyagraha Tour of South Africa itinerary.

Greg covered the history of Dr. Dube as we made our way for a visit to his home and school he founded. Dr. Dube was the founder of the ANC, the African National Congress. He also founded the Zulu Christian Industrial School, which is now known as the Ohlange High School and the first educational institute founded by black people. He was awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy. Dr. Dube’s theories on education impacted the Bantu Education Act and are found in both Ukuziphatha and in Isita. He helped establish Zulu literature and is credited for popularizing the South African National Anthem Nkosi Sikelel Afrika

Nelson Mandela votes for the first-time April 27, 1994 in the first democratic election in South Africa. There were two ballots, one for the national government and one for the provincial government. Mandela also known as Madiba cast his first vote inside a building at the Ohlange High School in Inanda in KwaZula-Natal and the second one outside in front of photographers. The Ohlange High School venue was chosen by Madiba as it was a school started by Dr. Dube, founder of the ANC whose home and resting place is on the property overlooking Gandhi’s Ashram the Phoenix Settlement. After Madiba caste his vote for himself, as the story goes, he walked to the grave site of Dr. Dube and said, “I have come to report to you Mr. President, that South Africa is now free…” During our tour the young man that walked Madiba to the voting booth that historic day proudly shared the story with our group and then stood in the very spot in the photo where he began leading Madiba to the voting booth.

While at Dr. Dube’s grave site Arun Gandhi spontaneously begins sharing an experience he had in 1949 when he was 15 years old.  A beautiful experiential exchange showing how reconciliation and healing is still transpiring 20 years post-Apartheid.  

We were also introduced to the history of Chief Albert Luthuli and traveled to his home now a museum. Chief Albert Luthuli was a teacher, an activist, a politician. He became the President of the ANC from 1952 until his death in 1967. He was the first black person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Luthuli was visited in 1966 by Robert F. Kennedy and his wife Ethel. The two discussed the ANC’s struggle and this meeting caused an increase of world awareness of the plight of black South Africans. The following year Luthuli died near his home.

His daughter Dr. Albertina Luthuli former Member of Parliament of the ANC post-Apartheid government, addresses the Satyagraha Tour of South African delegation and shares stories in her own words about her mother and father. I am sitting next to Appaji (“Arun Gandhi”) and you can hear him laughing and uttering his favorite, ummm, ummm, ummm throughout the video as Dr. Albertina shares her leela’s lovingly and passionately. Arun Gandhi shares with her and the group about the secret meetings he knew about between his father Manilal Gandhi and her father Chief Albert Luthuli.

Manilal Gandhi and Chief Albert Luthuli at King Shaka’s grave site.

 Dr. Albertina Luthuli June 1, 2014

We ended the days’ agenda with a visit to the Inanda Seminary, a boarding school for girls grades 8 – 12 that focuses on math and sciences. The school was founded in 1869, its motto is to “Shine Where You Are” and their core values include honesty, respect, loyalty, self-discipline, sociability, and responsibility. Many of the school’s alumni are spread out and doing great things around the world.

After our departure of the Inanda Seminary we enjoyed a scenic drive back to our hotel and got ready for our meal which was at a local restaurant in walking distance from our accommodations. There was a great deal we took in today and it was nice engaging in a debrief plus listening to more leela’s told by Arun over dinner.

Satyagraha Day One 2014 in South Africa 

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