Resurgence: Communities Quenching the Thirst
Mother Earth and Struggling for Water Security

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Resurgence the Film (h/t Tarun Bharat Sangh)

Resurgence is a documentary based on efforts of communities quenching the thirst of Mother Earth and struggling for their water rights. It is an attempt to capture the survival spirit of folks of India, who are battling Climate change through their Water Wisdom.

Under the charismatic leadership of Waterman Rajendra Singh; Tarun Bharat Sangh is promoting a nationwide campaign Jal Jan Jodo Abhiyaan (“JJJA”). JJJA aims to strengthen people’s capacities to cope with Climate change through Decentralized community-driven conservation and management of natural resources and raising their voices for water security and rivers protection.

Resurgence Documentary Story Teller: Ankit Sharma is an independent filmmaker, grass-roots activist and an educator based in New Delhi. He has directed several biopics and documentaries based on social and environment issues.

The Gandhi Legacy Tour of India led by Arun and Tushar Gandhi visit Waterman Rajendra Singh and his community at the Tarun Bharat Sangh Campus.  We are excited about the release of the upcoming documentary Resurgence.