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MK Gandhi and ML King Connection

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On the Gandhi Legacy Tour of India we are given a tour through the Mani Bhavan.  Important historical meetings, arrests, and events relative to Mahatma Gandhi (“Bapuji”) are explained in the video.  Bapuji learned how to spin the wheel at the Mani Bhavan.

During the Gandhi Legacy Tour, while touring the Mani Bhavan in Mumbai, Arun Gandhi explained the relationship between his grandfather M.K. Gandhi (aka “Bapuji”) and Dr. Martin Luther King. In Arun’s soft and humble voice, he begins to tell this precious leela.

Arun said, “It was in the late 50’s that the Indian government invited Martin Luther King to visit the India. He accepted, traveled along with his family and his agenda included meeting people involved with Mahatma Gandhi (“Bapuji”) during his nonviolence movement. So, while in India, a visit to the Mani Bhavan was scheduled. The Mani Bhavan is now a museum dedicated to Grandfather/Bapuji, where he used to stay when he visited Mumbai. The government controls the museum and has kept Bapuji’s bedroom sealed off and it is off limits to the public including the Gandhi family. Visitors are welcome to view the sealed off room through a large wall of glass..

When M. L. King and his family arrived at the Mani Bhavan, King asked the director of the museum if he could sit quietly in the room. He was given permission to meditate there but no one else. After a few hours as the museum was getting ready to close, the staff came to communicate to him that he would need to leave the room so they could close. He asked if he could stay there all night and the staff had to get government permission as this was a most unusual request. The staff told King there are no facilities or bed. He said, “if it was good enough for Gandhi, it is good enough for me.” So, King again alone was given permission to continue his stay in Grandfather/Bapuji’s room even after the museum closed for the evening. King continued sitting quietly in Bapuji’s room meditating. After the full night stay, M. L.King said, “Now I feel spiritually strong enough to lead my people in the civil rights struggle.”” Arun completed.

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