Day 06 (6th December): Rajkot Khaddi Cooperative

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Gandhi Spinning Cotton

Gandhi and the Spinning Wheel

Day 6 will be a day visit to Khadi Cooperative in Rajkot. If there is one single object that can epitomise Gandhi’s philosophy and solution, it is the charkha or spinning wheel. When he boycotted foreign goods and services, he introduced an alternative: swadeshi, which means ‘of one’s own country’. He exemplified the practice of spinning cotton into khaadi as a means to one’s liberation, and exemption from reliance on others. 

Therefore, khadi became, and still remains the symbol of self-employment and self-reliance and many people today find a connection to Bapu, the Father of the Nation, through the act of spinning the wheel.

Accommodations: Imperial Palace Rajkot

Meals Included: Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Imperial Palace Rajkot.