January 08: Arrival Bhuj

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safari resort

Arrival Bhuj at 9:25 AM – Early check-in will be subject to availability of the day.  Upon arrival at the Bhuj Railway Station, the group will be transferred to the Kutch Safari Resort

Kutch is an arid region, two deserts form most of its landscape, The Little and Great Rann of Kutch and on the west the Arabian Sea. It was devastated by a massive earth quake in 2000. The people of Kutch are hardy and hard working. Rearing herds of cows, water buffaloes, camels and goats is a traditional occupation of the community called the Maaldharis, herders. There are many communities of artisans and crafts persons. Many organizations work to sustain the traditional life style of Kutch and to help rebuild the quake ravaged towns, villages and communities.

After breakfast, visit the Kala Raksha.  The Kala Raksha is a new concept of art preservation. The Kala Raksha Trust, a grassroots social enterprise, is dedicated to the preservation of traditional arts. 

The group will visit two artisan villages Bhujodi, a weaver’s village and Ajrakhpur, a dyer’s village where they print and dye with vegetable dyes.  Optional visit to the Salt Dessert in the evening. 

Recycled Plastic Weaving the weavers’ new tune by Kasturi Gandhi

The following video is a documentary movie on the lives and work of women weavers who are associated with recycled plastic weaving project of Khamir. It narrates the various dimensions of their lives and how a small initiative by a non-profit have impacted their lives and the way they weave.

Hunnarshala Foundation, was created after the earthquake of 2001 to build sustainable homes for urban and rural populations, ever since it has been offering knowledge and skills for building designs, settlement planning, social housing, disaster reconstruction, waste water treating systems and infrastructure development. It runs a two year course for school drop outs imparting carpentry and masonry skills. They work to convert urban slums into organized efficient townships.

Hunnar Shala: http://www.hunnarshala.org/urban-slum-redevelopment.html


Sahajeevan works with the pastoral communities, Maaldharis, of Kachch (aka Kutch) to resolve their issues of pasture land ownerships, indigenous breeds recognition and conservation and creating community dairy cooperatives amongst the herding communities.

We visit Banni- villages like Hodka, the Shaam-e-Sarhad Resort (an initiative of the local communities in Eco Tourism).  The Banni region is home to various artisan communities – leather artisans, women skilled in traditional embroidery, weavers, dyers, metal workers and fabric painters. We meeting with the Banni Breeder’s Association and learn about their centuries old lifestyle as herders and their pride about their unique animals, we learn about their struggle to sustain their lifestyle and their struggles with an unsympathetic Government.  

Meals Included: Buffet breakfast at the Kutch Safari Resort, lunch, buffet dinner at the Kutch Safari Resort.