Iva-Nyaniso Diniso: One Man Art Exhibition

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Press Release: August  Sharpeville, South Africa

IVA Infant Images Exhibition 

DSC03537Iva-Nyaniso Diniso will be celebrating his sixteenth birthday through his first one man art exhibition at the Vaal University of Technology’s Department of Visual Arts and Design (K-Block) on the 1st September 2015 during lunch hour.  The art exhibition ‘IVA Infant Images Exhibition’ marks also the welcoming of Spring season and September Heritage Month.  

The artworks reflect the free spirit of creativity and the flow of imaginative thinking.  The simplicity of the images drawn reveals the spontaneous combination of mind, hand and material rhythmically applied in a fearless approach.    


Iva-Nyaniso Diniso born on the 1st September 1999 from the artistic parents, a fine artist and a performing artist father and a musician mother, his signature in the arts world began as early as when he was one month conceived, in a stage play ‘Izitha’ at The Market Theatre.   He showed a great skill in acting and did three years acting with the Market Theatre Laboratory’s Saturdays classes.  Iva-Nyaniso and his elder brother Iza-Nkululeko took part in the Market Theatre Lab’s Community Theatre Festival and the Zwakala Theatre Festival with their cutting edge two-hander ‘OBE-not a child’s play’.  He is currently acting in his one-man play titled ‘The Apple Boy’.   



SAM_0818Iva-Nyaniso is a triple-threat of his own kind in the arts, he is an actor, a visual artist and a tap dancer.  He is a bookworm, a karateka, a swimmer, a cyclist, a chess player and a short story writer.  These involvements become the basic of creative art homeschooling.  The arts or artists need more of special education system.  The past and the present education systems does not cater for the arts, but for the academics, and not all pupils are academics.     

Iva-Nyaniso’s artistic talent and potential surpasses the odds and challenges that brings the artists down in the township, and that, it is because of the strong and non-compromising support from his artist father and his artist elder brother who is also an actor, visual artist, hip-hop singer and a tap dancer of note, Iza-Nkululeko.  SAM_0809

 Iva-Nyaniso is following in his father’s footsteps…like father like son.   

Like the great scholar Dr. Chinweizu said “African child still needs an Education for Liberation of the mind…the education to teach the African child who is the enemy and how to defeat the enemy…in order to prosper in life generally”. 

 Source: IVA-Home Theatre: Sharpeville, South Africa

Iga-Makhulu Diniso opens for his sons at the IVA-Home Theater: June 9, 2015  His productions are thought provoking and the theater atmosphere is intimate.