My Interview with KonectIDY

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“We must bring solace to suffering humanity!”

arun braceletKonectIDY sat down with me to learn more about the motivation behind my lifetime of service as an ambassador of peace and non-violence, and why I believe it is important for all people worldwide – to buy, wear and share the “Gandhi For Children” bracelet.

Q – Who was Mahatma Gandhi to you? What did Gandhi mean to you personally? Please share a story or experience in how your grandfather most influenced or inspired your life?

Arun Gandhi – Personally, Gandhi was my Grandfather and a “light” that guides me in my quest for the purpose in my life. He taught me the value of humility and simplicity the two hall marks of his own life. I think the most important lesson he taught me was that we commit violence in two forms — physical and passive. Physical is the kind of violence where physical force is used, examples, fighting, kicking, wars, murders, rapes etc. Passive violence is more insidious since it hurts people emotionally, economically, spiritually, morally etc. Often without any contact. Examples — exploitation of all kinds, racism and prejudice of various kinds, wasting resources, greed, etc. For instance the US alone wastes $120 billion worth of food every year when half the world dies of hunger. This attitude has given rise to a Culture of Violence that dominates all aspects of our lives — sports, entertainment, economics, religion, relationships etc. It is impossible to build peace if we continue to subscribe to the Culture of Violence. Importantly, Peace is not the absence of war. ghandi_worldwide_bracelet AAA

Q – Who was Mahatma Gandhi to you? What did Gandhi mean to you personally? Please share a story or experience in how your grandfather most influenced or inspired your life?

Arun Gandhi – He taught me that the Culture of Violence can be overcome if we recognize and bring forth our inherent compassion, love, respect, understanding and positive aspects of our emotions and suppress the hate, prejudice, anger, frustration, greed etc which seems to dominate us because we prefer the Culture of Violence. Civilization does not mean that we humans be good and compassionate selectively, it should dominate our life.

Q – Children unify us. Tell me a story of when you forgot yourself by virtue of loving or helping a child.

Arun Gandhi – When we are dominated by love, compassion and respect then the self merges into life, all life. Then the important thing is to remove the pain and distress of others and not be obsessed with the self. The agony of children moves us more than the agony of older people because children are helpless.

Q – You once said: “Nobody really has the means to transform this whole world alone. We have to do little things that ultimately grow into bigger things that make a difference.” How does the Gandhi For Children Bracelet project exemplify the power of collaboration for you?

Arun Gandhi – Social work of any nature requires funding and if funding can be gained through the sales of bracelets that carry a message of love it is a step in the right direction. Those who buy and wear the bracelet will hopefully be reminded of their own contribution as well as responsibility to bring solace to suffering humanity

Q – What does the Gandhi for Children Bracelet represent to you? What does it help you to remember?

Arun Gandhi – The bracelet reminds me of the agony of the children of the world and, to me, it represents a modification of a very popular Indian festival of “Rakhi”. Rakhi is the day when sisters tie a thread bracelet on the wrists of their brothers to seek the brother’s protection. To me the bracelet is the Rakhi that the exploited and impoverished children of the world tie on the hands of their older brothers and sisters seeking their protection, love and compassion.

—— is proud to feature the The “Gandhi For Children” Bracelet (#GandhiBracelet;, designed by Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute to serve as a constant reminder and daily affirmation that the soul is healed by loving children.