January 10: Gujarat Vidyapith / Sabarmati Ashram

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ahmedabad - Gujarat VidyapeethWe start the day with a buffet breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast, we visit the Gujarat Vidyapith,  tour the campus and then engage in student interaction.

Gujarat Vidyapith was founded by MK Gandhi October 18, 1920.  The Institute provides a higher education with a blend of courses teaching nursery to doctorate classes. The main objective is to develop workers of character, skill, culture and dedication for the conduct of all movements connected with the regeneration of country in accordance with the ideals taught and lived by MK Gandhi. The guiding principles are:

  • Adherence to truth and non-violence
  • Participation in productive work with a sense of dignity of labor
  • Acceptance of equality of religions
  • Priority for the need of villages dwellers in all curricula and
  • Use of mother-tongue as a medium of instructions.

The education system of Gujarat Vidyapith includes regular participation in community work, residential life, social service, community prayers, simple and self reliant living, study tours and field studies, hand spinning and training in craft work.  The chief concern of the Gujarat Vidyapith is to conduct experiments in various fields of education with a view to develop the application of Gandhian thought and way in all aspects of education. 

After our visit to Gujarat Vidyapith we will continue onto to the Sabarmati Ashram.

Sabarmati AshramSabarmati Ashram – True, indeed, that wherever Gandhi stopped has become a place of pilgrimage and wherever he roamed has become a sanctified place. The Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad, so named after the holy river Sabarmati, situated on the river’s banks is such an example. This site no longer functions as a working ashram but as a museum and an institution whose aim is to preserve and propagate the legacy of the Mahatma.


sabarmati ashramHundreds of visitors, both foreigners and locals, with curiosity and feelings of devotion arrive here and feel inspired and enlivened. More than half a million visit here every year. The Sabarmati Ashram is a source of inspiration for the present generation, and will serve as such for the generations to come. Indeed, Gandhi’s ideals will serve as a beacon light for all generations. The Ashram has stood witness to many important happenings, happenings which were instrumental in shaping the Karmavir Mohandas into the Mahatma and the Father of the Nation.  


Buffet breakfast at the Fortune Landmark Hotel Ahmedabad + Lunch at Gujarat Vidyapith Campus + Dinner at the Kochrab Ashram and debrief with Dr. Arun Gandhi.  

Accommodation: Fortune Landmark.

Weather: Ahmedabad has a warm dry climate, except for rainy seasons. Best time to visit Ahmedabad is from October to March.  Winters (November to February) offer a mild windy cool climate. It is very pleasant and good for all tourist activities. October to March months are cool with pleasant atmosphere and perfect for outings and participation in celebrations.  January temperature varies from 12°C or 53.6 F to 28°C or 82.4 F.