Day 1: May 31 2019
Fly into Durban International Airport

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Arrive in Durban International Airport, South Africa and transfer to the Holiday Inn Express Umhlanga to rest after the journey and have dinner followed by a presentation by tour leader Arun Gandhi, his son Tushar Gandhi and an introduction by our Field Guide on the history of South Africa.  

This opening occasion will be celebrated with a traditional Durban meal.   

 Mahatma Gandhi (Bapu) spent 21 years in South Africa, he first arrived in South Africa May 24, 1893.  Gandhi’s concept and technique of non-violence (Satyagraha) originated in South Africa.  The account of Bapu’s twenty-one years in which his influence was fundamental to the development of the whole freedom struggle.

 To know that history is to understand the history of the present moment.  To understand its significance for peace, not only in South Africa, but in the world, is an essential duty for all who care about the future of our planet earth.  Bapu stated he was born in India but was made in South Africa. Nelson Mandela said, “South Africa received him as MK Gandhi and returned him to India as Mahatma Gandhi.”

Accommodations: Protea/Marriott Hotel Umhlanga Durban

Dinner At 7:30 PM the group will meet Dr. Arun Gandhi and Tushar Gandhi  

Satyagraha Legacy Tour 2019 Cost  – US$4950.00 per person sharing a room.                                    

Tour Itinerary does not include international airfare

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