Day 5: June 4:
Child Welfare Phoenix | Marriannhill Monastery

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Today we will make a visit to the Child Welfare Phoenix

Presentation Schedule, Snacks and Tea

The Phoenix Child & Family Welfare Society, is committed to providing services and resources for the protection of children and preservation of families through developmental programs in the communities of Phoenix and Inanda.  Phoenix Child Welfare is one of the tenth largest welfare organizations in the country. The society is affiliated to Child Welfare South Africa and is a member of Ubuntu Community Chest.

child welfare phoenix sa

We will visit the Mariannhill Monastery near Pinetown which was establish by Roman Catholic monks over 100 years ago, and is a local landmark with striking architecture.  The Monastery is involved in the development of the surrounding communities, has an art gallery featuring the works of the local artist and a fascinating museum detailing the monastery’s rich history.  


Mariannhill Monastery


Mahatma Gandhi used to pay visits here in 1895 as a young lawyer and gained his inspiration to live a more simple life.  He learned the importance of making things by your own hands, this is where he learned to make sandals. Ela Gandhi speaks more about Gandhiji’s time at Mariannhill Monastery click here.  

Bantu Stephen Biko, Founder of the Black Consciousness Movement attended secondary school at Mariannhill Monastery. In 1964, he was admitted to St. Francis College, a missionary school situated in Mariannhill Montastery, and this is where he became focused on exploring the contradictions between Christian liberal teachings and the experience of black people.

Accommodations: Protea/Marriott Hotel Umhlanga Durban

Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner