AVANI Children’s Home Challenge

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Of the estimated 85 million child laborers in India today, over 40,000 of them work in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. Many of these children have been sold or forced into hazardous occupations and commercial sex work.  Girls suffer the most.

It is AVANI’s mission to work alongside children from the homeless, migrant and nomadic communities. AVANI does this by conducting surveys to identify children at risk, rescue those children in need,  and provide them with food, clothes, shelter, healthcare, rehabilitation and an education up to grade-level 10 and beyond.

In 2005, a group of migrant laborers requested that Anuradha Bhosale create a special children’s home just for migrant children who were at risk of child labor.  She accepted and helped create the AVANI Children’s Home.

Initially run out of a hut made from mud and cow dung,
and lacking electricity or running water, this is AVANI today.


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