Day 07 (7th December): Ahmedabad Sabarmati Ashram

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Arrive Ahmedabad at 6:30 AM – Early check-in will be subject to availability of the day

Cama Park PlazaUpon arrival at the Ahmedabad Railway Station the group will be transferred to the The Pride Hotel where we will enjoy breakfast. After breakfast, we will visit the Sabarmati Ashram and Manav Sadhana an NGO based in the Gandhi Ashram.  “Manav Sadhanda is dedicated to the upliftment of the under privileged through love.” 


Manav Sadhana

In 1990 a group of young people inspired by Gandhian values, started Manav Sadhana. What began as a daily ritual of playing with street children under one of the trees in Sabarmati Ashram, bloomed into an NGO providing children with nutritional meals, basic hygiene education and healthcare.


Today, from a quiet corner in the Gandhi Ashram, Manav Sadhna serves more than 8000 children and women through more than 35 projects. They also indirectly touch the lives of many more individuals through our healthcare and educational support projects. The projects are created based on the needs and participation of the community.


Sabarmati AshramSabarmati Ashram – True, indeed, that wherever Gandhi stopped has become a place of pilgrimage and wherever he roamed has become a sanctified place. The Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad, so named after the holy river Sabarmati, situated on the river’s banks, is such an example. This site no longer functions as a working ashram but as a museum and an institution whose aim is to preserve and propagate the legacy of the Mahatma.


sabarmati ashramHundreds of visitors, both foreigners and locals, with curiosity and feelings of devotion arrive here and feel inspired and enlivened. More than half a million visit here every year. The Sabarmati Ashram is a source of inspiration for the present generation, and will serve as such for the generations to come. Indeed, Gandhi’s ideals will serve as a beacon light for all generations. The Ashram has stood witness to many important happenings, happenings which were instrumental in shaping the Karmavir Mohandas into the Mahatma and the Father of the Nation.  

Meals Included: Buffet breakfast at the Park Plaza Ahmedabad + Lunch at Manav Sadhana + Dinner at the hotel or local restaurant in Ahmedabad.

Accommodations: The Pride Hotel