Happy New Year, This Year’s Gandhi Legacy is Underway!

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Happy New Year to all of our friends, old and new!

This year’s Gandhi Legacy Tour is just starting its 4th day, with images and notes streaming in from several social media sources.  We will gather and post them here as we discover them!

Day 2 – The children of AVANI assemble to meet and greet our travelers in Kolhapur – always a special day for the children entrusted in our care!

The Gandhi ‘ Legacians’, as Tushar Gandhi calls our distinguished group of Legacy travelers, inspect the brickyards where many children (and parents) work under squalid bonded labor conditions – and listen to Anuradha Bhosale, Kolhaphur’s ‘Bandit Queen’ of the Indian social services movement, describe AVANI’s efforts ongoing to rescue the children on a daily basis.

Anuradha Bhosale describes how AVANI rescues children

A Legacy Tour member and student from Rochester University entertains the AVANI children –

Entertaining the AVANI children in Kolhapur