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Africa-Solidarity-Gandhi-Mandela-Biko-Music-Tribute: The first video we would like to share honors Gandhi (Bapu) which was originally shared with us by his grandson Arun Gandhi and posted to his website here 

Enjoy one of my grandfather’s favorite Raga’s – Arun Gandhi

Ustad Bismillah Khan “raghu pati raghav raja ram..shenai”

Mahatma Gandhi’s Favorite Raga


Vusi Mahlasela’s tribute to Former President Nelson Mandela:

“When You Come Back”

To Tata Madiba

We must give something to the world and not just take from it!

‘Mai Boo Ye Y Africa’

Sing Now Africa, Sing Loud, Sing to the People!

Let them give something to the world and not just take from it.

We ringing the bells, when you come back!

We beating the drums, when you come back!


The next video is a song about Bantu Stephen Biko, a noted black South African anti-apartheid activist. Biko had been arrested by the South African police in late August 1977. After being held in custody for several days, he was interrogated in room 619 of the Walmer Street prison in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. Following the interrogation, during which he sustained serious head injuries, Biko was transferred to a prison in Pretoria, where he died shortly afterwards, on 12 September 1977. 

Peter Gabriel’s Tribute to Bantu Stephen Biko: The Protest


South African National Anthem:

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika “Lord Bless Africa”

Composed in 1897 in Johannesburg, it was the official anthem of the African National Congress (“ANC”) during apartheid.  The first two lines of the first stanza are sung in Xhosa and the last two in Zulu. The second stanza is sung in Sesotho. The third stanza consists of a section of the original South African national anthem, Die Stem van Suid-Afrika, and is sung in Afrikaans. The fourth and final stanza, sung in English, is also based on Die Stem van Suid-Afrika.  

(Miriam Makeba, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Paul Simon)


This is a beautiful video of Nelson Mandela’s Youth Ambassador 2012 reciting “The Madiba Poem.”



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